iFixit Tears Down the New AirPods Pro [Images]

iFixit has posted its teardown of the new AirPods Pro wireless earbuds.

Apple’s line of wireless buds certainly has a fraught history on the teardown table—will its “pro” iteration be any different? We’re hoping Apple brought that repairability score up a little (it’s never too late to change), but only a teardown will tell.

● Each AirPod Pro weighs a third more than the previous generation at 0.19 oz (5.4 g).
● Charging case is larger and heavier at 1.61 oz (45.6 g).
● New case model number is A2190
● Buds are marked A2083 and A2084
● Button cell battery
● Ribbon cable connecting stem to the in-ear portion has a deliberate bit of extra slack and a tiny detachable ZIF connector.
● Case has 1.98 Wh battery

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