Amazon Echo Buds May Soon Be Able to Track Your Workouts

A hidden feature discovered on Amazon Echo Buds provided to CNBC for testing reveals that Amazon may be planning to add workout tracking capabilities to its wireless earbuds.

Amazon sent us a version of the Echo Buds to review a few weeks ago. While writing a review of the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet on Tuesday, I paired the review unit Echo Buds to listen to some music. As I was moving through the Alexa app on the tablet, which is how you manage the Echo Buds connected to a device, I saw something I didn’t see when I first reviewed the Echo Buds a couple of weeks ago. Inside the Alexa app, under where you would normally manage the equalizer settings for the Echo Buds, was a whole new “Fitness” section.

The section offered the ability to set up a Fitness Profile and Track a Workout. It also revealed that you can begin a workout by speaking “Alexa, start a workout”.

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