Alexa Can Now Sound Depressed or Excited

Amazon has announced new Alexa Emotions and Speaking Styles to create a more natural and intuitive voice experience for users.

Starting today, developers can have Alexa respond with either a happy/excited or a disappointed/empathetic tone in the US. Emotional responses are particularly relevant to skills in the gaming and sports categories. Additionally, Alexa can respond in a speaking style that is more suited for a specific type of content, starting with news and music. For example, the news speaking style makes Alexa sound like a TV news anchor or radio host.

Early customer feedback indicates that overall satisfaction with the voice experience increased by 30% when Alexa responded with emotions. While conducting ‘blind listening’ tests, the news style was perceived to be 31% more natural than Alexa’s standard voice and the music style was perceived to be 84% more natural.

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