Twelve South ‘Compass 2’ Stand for iPad on Sale for $28 [Deal]

Twelve South’s Compass 2 stand for iPad is on sale today for $28. That’s 30% off its list price of $39.99.

The compact Compass 2 stand from Twelve South can go anywhere you take your iPad. Engineered from steel and soft silicone, this beautiful stand holds your iPad, iPad mini or iPad Air in your choice of two different modes. Upright as an easel, Compass displays your iPad in portrait or landscape orientation, which is great for watching movies, iPhoto slideshows, or paging through a cookbook. Flip down the secondary leg and Compass becomes a handy workstation that angles your iPad to the perfect position for typing emails or updating your Facebook status. Once you’re done, fold up Compass and store it in your computer bag or backpack.

Twelve South 'Compass 2' Stand for iPad on Sale for $28 [Deal]

● Portable stand for iPad.
Compass 2 is a clever, multi-use stand optimized to work with iPad Pro 9.7-inch and all generations of iPad Air and iPad mini in both landscape and portrait mode. This compact stand serves as a stable easel that holds your iPad in portrait or wide-screen mode. Use it for hands-free viewing and interacting with iPad. Flip down the secondary leg and Compass 2 becomes a comfortable typing stand. Machined from heavy gauge steel, Compass 2 folds flat and includes a soft travel sleeve so you can take it everywhere your iPad roams.

● Put the ‘face’ in FaceTime.
Why do you need a Compass 2 stand? One reason is that it holds your iPad or iPad mini in portrait mode, which is more natural for FaceTime because your head is a portrait. Compass 2 holds iPad both vertically and horizontally, which means you can FaceTime in widescreen when you’re sporting your fancy hat. Because this stand elevates iPad, the camera sits higher, so you don’t have to slouch when you chat.

● Popcorn sold separately.
Place iPad on its side, in landscape position, and Compass 2 becomes the ultimate portable theatre. Enjoy your favorite Netflix, Hulu, YouTube videos or stream feature-length movies in iTunes anywhere you go, while keeping your hands free for popcorn and drinks. Compass 2 has soft protective silicone anywhere the stand touches your iPad to protect from any scratching and to prevent your device from shifting.

● An instant typing stand.
The ultimate multi-tasking tool, Compass 2 features a fold-away secondary leg that creates a comfortable typing stand. Typing on iPad is that much more comfortable, making it easy to put in long stretches in Keynote, Pages, or Numbers without neck ache that comes from working on your lap. It’s a small, totally mobile tool that can be used on planes, in airports, hotels, coffee shops, cafes and even in boardrooms.

Twelve South 'Compass 2' Stand for iPad on Sale for $28 [Deal]

The sale is available on both the black and silver colors. Grab the deal while you can at the link below!

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Twelve South 'Compass 2' Stand for iPad on Sale for $28 [Deal]

Twelve South 'Compass 2' Stand for iPad on Sale for $28 [Deal]

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