Samsung is Working on a Bixby Smart Speaker to Rival Apple’s HomePod

Samsung is working on a Bixby Smart Speaker to rival the recently announced Apple HomePod and the Amazon Echo, reports the WSJ.

The timing is far from determined, the people said. The English-language version of Bixby has been delayed and they said many of the speaker’s features and other specifications are yet to be decided. But the project—internally code-named “Vega”—has been going on for more than a year, several of the people said.

Competition is heating up in the market with Apple and Microsoft already working hard to catch up to Amazon’s lead. The Echo has captured over 70% of the market for voice activated speakers and Google Home has around 24%. By the end of the year, it’s estimated that 36 million Americans will be using smart speakers.

Samsung’s efforts may be hampered by difficulties with the English language version of Bixby. The personal assistant that was to debut with the Samsung S8 has been delayed until the second half of July.

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Samsung is Working on a Bixby Smart Speaker to Rival Apple's HomePod

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