Dropbox Announces Automatic Image Text Recognition

Dropbox has announced that it will begin automatically performing optical character recognition on images and PDFs as part of its DBXi initiative. This will allow users to search the content of images.

This new feature harnesses the power of our machine intelligence capabilities to make search smarter for you. Now, images and PDFs in Dropbox Professional, Business Advanced, and Enterprise accounts will be automatically and securely scanned, letting you search for text found within them. The best part is that it’s active for every JPEG, static GIF, PNG, TIFF, or PDF you have in Dropbox, including files you’ve added in the past—not just the ones you add going forward.

Dropbox Announces Automatic Image Text Recognition

“Looking for a contract that a teammate scanned years ago? Just search for the vendor. Trying to track down blueprints an architect put together for your remodel? Type in their name. Can’t remember where you saved that flight itinerary screenshot? Enter in the destination airport. And for files you add in the future, now you won’t have to worry about renaming images so you can find them later on.”

Dropbox Professional subscribers will begin seeing the ability to recognize English text within images over the coming months. Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise admins can visit the admin console to get early access for their teams now.

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Dropbox Announces Automatic Image Text Recognition

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