B&O PLAY Unveils New Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker

B&O PLAY recently unveiled Beolit 17, a new wireless speaker that packs a bigger punch.

Beolit 17 is designed by award-winning Cecilie Manz and the details speak the same design language as Beolit 12 (2012) and Beolit 15 (2015) to put a distinct cool Scandinavian style into any home. The top and the bottom of Beolit 17 is made of robust polymer that can withstand the rigours of everyday life, and with up to 24-hours of portable performance, you can easily take the speaker with you anywhere. The grill wrapped around the speaker is made of anodized pearl-blasted aluminium and the handle, designed for portability, is crafted from premium grain leather. On the top of Beolit 17 is a non-slip and scratch safe tray, where you can safely place your smartphone.

B&O PLAY Unveils New Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker

Check out some of its highlighted features below…

Wake up to your favourite tune
Beolit 17 comes with a new intelligent one-touch connect button that can be customised via Beoplay App. In Beoplay App, you can choose between four different functions that will be activated when you press the connect button on top of the speaker:
● Alarm: You can set an alarm in Beoplay App that will wake you up with one of two B&O PLAY alarm tunes or the last played song on your smartphone. Press once to snooze and twice to deactivate the alarm.
● Connect: For easy access to music, you can use the connect feature to instantly play the last played song on Spotify.
● Remote: A simple feature that will play or pause the music by pressing the connect button once. Double press will skip to the next track.
● ToneTouch: Setup Beoplay App to play your favourite ToneTouch preset.

Beolit 17 also works with Beoplay App features such as ToneTouch that gives playful, intuitive, and easy personalisation to your music experience. Simply feel your way through different tonality and staging settings to find the sound that suits you.

Redesign makes room for more power
Beolit 17 is the most powerful Beolit speaker to date due to a clever redesign of the speaker grill, which eliminates the cable compartment. This makes room for an enhanced sound performance delivering 240 watts of peak power that fills even large rooms with goosebump inducing Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

Pricing and availability
Beolit 17 is available in Natural and Stone Grey for a suggested retail price of $499.

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B&O PLAY Unveils New Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker

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