Apple Takes Steps to Block Devices That Can Crack Your iPhone’s Passcode

Apple is taking steps to block devices that can crack your iPhone’s passcode, reports Reuters.

Devices such as the GrayKey box utilize a USB connection to your iOS device to circumvent restrictions that prevent multiple unlock attempts. This has allowed law enforcement officials and others to easily gain access to pretty much any iPhone.

With the launch of iOS 12, you’ll need to unlock your iPhone to allow USB accessories to connect when it has been more than an hour since your iPhone was locked. A “USB Accessories” toggle under Settings > Face ID & Passcode will let users toggle this feature on and off.

The vulnerability exploited by Grayshift doesn’t appear to be an easy one to fix. Even with the new security measures in place, your device will remain vulnerable to their attack for up to an hour.

Apple says the change will protect customers in countries where law enforcement can seize phones with few legal restriction. Additionally, the company notes that criminals, spies, and malicious characters can use the same techniques to access to your data.

“We’re constantly strengthening the security protections in every Apple product to help customers defend against hackers, identity thieves and intrusions into their personal data,” Apple said in a prepared statement. “We have the greatest respect for law enforcement, and we don’t design our security improvements to frustrate their efforts to do their jobs.”

While this will likely make it more difficult for law enforcement officials to access iPhones, it could result in the purchase of more GrayKey devices as they look to get them closer to where seizures occur.

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Apple Takes Steps to Block Devices That Can Crack Your iPhone's Passcode

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